The Issues

Public Safety

Public safety continues to be Barbara's priority as she has faught for Fix the FOID bill, that will add protections to the community. In addition, Barbara continues the fight to get illegal guns from the streets.


Barbara has fought to continue supporting our K-12 students and teachers by continuing to fund the Evidence Base Formula that allocates funds to schools that need it the most.

Barbara has fought to restore vocational and technical education courses in our high schools to prepare the next generation for high-wage jobs in our community.

Barbara continues to fight for debt-free education for students in our public colleges, universities and trade schools.

Property Taxes

Barbara continues to fight for property tax relief and reduction by supporting bills that will provide savings to individuals through consolidations on differnt areas.


Barbara continues to fight for quality and affordable health care for everyone, including patients with pre-existing conditions.


Barbara continues connect with diverse groups to support and assist minoriy communities on issues important to them.

2021 Overview

What has been done?

Visit our state website to view the events, resources and bills I have supported and passed.